I love Rally weddings!

Wedding ceremonies are one of my favorite “works of heart.” I especially love Rally weddings because couples feel so much permission to create a celebration that is exactly perfect for them. Plus, they get married while they are on vacation and what’s not to love about hanging out with people who are having fun? And many couples deliberately choose the Rally because every time they return (and they know they will!), they get to celebrate all over again!

The perfect combination

When you choose me as your Rally wedding officiant, you’ll get the perfect blend of light-hearted and sacred, unconventional and personal, intimate and a celebration.

Years later, couples (and their families) will tell me that they still remember their ceremony. The ceremony! You know, that part you have to sit through in order to get to the party? One guest told me the ceremony was the coolest thing he’d ever seen – cooler even that a “burn-out”! Now, there’s a Rally wedding compliment for you.

As your Sturgis Rally wedding officiant, I will be your personal ceremony planner as well as the co-creator, consultant, resource person, encourager, and adviser for your wedding ceremony.

I follow your lead

My job is to give you ideas and to integrate any ideas you have. Your job is to tell me what you do and don’t like. It’s a back-and-forth process. I love new ideas, and I am open to almost anything. Naturally, there are some exceptions: I don’t jump out of airplanes; I don’t scuba dive; and I will wear clothing. (Though one couple told me that I just needed to hang out with them at their nudist colony to get over that limitation! True story.) Together, we will create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind ceremony that feels “just right” to you and your love.

I'll be your biker wedding resource

Even though my focus is on the ceremony (i.e., I’m not a wedding planner), I know how hard it is to plan long-distance. I’ve been doing this for 15 years and I’ve married hundreds of couples, so I know a lot about venues and vendors in the Black Hills. I’m happy to be a resource or to recommend resources.

Take a peek at a few of the wedding vendors (photographers, videographers, musicians, florists, etc.) I know and trust and some of the beautiful landmarks, parks, and places I love.

I honor and respect all beliefs and traditions

Because I feel that ceremony work is sacred, I put a lot of time, energy, and heart into creating and officiating each ceremony — religious, spiritual, or secular. What’s important to me is that it feels right to you.

I LOVE being married!

And I think my love of being married shines through my work. That, and years of crafting and leading unique ceremonies! David and I have two grown children, who continue to be our most loving and patient teachers.

I'm also a personal and business coach

As such, I know how to listen deeply, to ask clarifying questions, and to look for creative ways to honor and work within the constraints of people’s lives. As fate would have it, all of those skills are perfect for helping couples create one-of-a-kind wedding ceremonies.

Email or call to talk with me about how we can make your Rally wedding meaningful, joyous, and fun.

Mary Maisey-Ireland

Thank you for being so wonderful! It certainly was an amazing experience!!
Jenn & Derris

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